Monthly e-mail follow-up

Monthly employee e-mail follow-up regarding registrations added to the payroll period

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Click Setup Admin> Notifications> navigate to the section "Follow-Up" > select date for monthly e-mail follow-up.
For example: select a date just before your official payroll processing date.

  • The follow-up will be sent via e-mail.

  • The follow-up can be with or without an approval requirements.

  • The follow-up show employee registrations during the selected period.

  • If the employee has not added registrations during the period, the e-mail will just state: -- no registrations have been added--

  • If the employee is a manager, requests that have not been handled will be listed in the e-mail.

  • If the approval requirement is activated, the employee automatically receives a popup message every time he/she logs into BitaBIZ. The employee must approve the monthly statement with the 'Approve' button:

  • If approval flow is activated. Status on employee approvals are shown on the page Payroll admin > Logs > Period approval list

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