New updated page for adjusting vacation balances and handling remaining vacation days:

  • We keep the familiar overview. But for employees who are transferred to the new vacation law, balances in the overview picture show status here and now (today's date).
  • The 1st of September before the transfer of any vacation left from previous year, all employees have earned 0 vacation days in the overview below.
  • When we arrive on October 1st, the overview picture will show that all employees have earned 2.08 vacation days (+ any transferred remaining vacation)
  • November 1st the overview will show that 4.17 vacation days have been earned, etc.

You can click on the individual employee on the overview page and get a detailed view of the entire vacation year for that employee.

The example below for the employee Charlotte Baker...

  • No remaining vacation days has been transfered 1st of September
  • 2 vacation days has been booked in December
  • The detaild view shows how the vacation balance develops over the entire year in relation to the number of days already used, future requested days and monthly earning.

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