In relation to COVID-19, there may be a need to create a new registration type for your BitaBIZ account.

To create a custom registration type, you can either click here or navigate to the following route:

Setup admin > Modules > Custom registration types

Here you can create a custom registration type for administration and planning. The custom registration type can include:

  • Target all employees, employee groups, country or a division in your company

  • The custom registration type can have its own color when the event is portrayed in the Team Calendar.

  • Export registrations to your payroll system

  • The custom registration type can update your presence status (Working elsewhere, absent, present at work, etc.) for Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and the BitaBIZ Team Calendar.

Let's take a look at a few examples:

1. Salary-related registrations such as Sent Home (Absent with salary)

2. Operation-related registrations such as Work from home (Working elsewhere)

Work from home registration

With the Custom registration type, your company can create the structure and the overview that you need for both payroll administration and planning:

  • Who has been sent home?

  • Who is in quarantine?

  • Who is working at home?

  • Forced use of vacation days and other vacation

  • Sick days related to COVID-19

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