Early autumn 2019 time-engine updates

Own paid breaks

We have upgraded our support of own paid breaks:

  • you can add as many breaks as needed.
  • breaks can via the salary agreement be targeted different employee groups.
  • if a time registration cross one or more own paid breaks the breaks are deducted the registration.

  • select if employees are allowed to remove a break from a time registration.

Work hours per week

We have upgraded our support of work hours per week:

  • we have added the option to manage work hours per week on employee level. Hence, you now have two options. Manage standard work hours per week collectivly for a group of employees on salary agreement level or manage individually on employee level.
  • if own paid breaks are added to the salary agreement they are deducted gross hours.

Sick leave registration in hours

We have upgraded our support of sick leave registrations:

  • we have added the option to select if employees can register sick leave in days or hours or combine the two methods.

Stay tuned - more updates underway primo oktober 2019 !

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