A huge thanks to Microsoft for developing a new BitaBIZ connector to Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

This connector synchronizes employees masterdata from Microsoft Azure Active Directory to BitaBIZ. The connector also activates single sign on (SSO) to BitaBIZ.

How to activate the new Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector to your BitaBIZ account?

  1. Activate the connector from your Microsoft Azure Active Directory - click here!
  2. Follow this Microsoft installation guide - click here!
  3. Contact BitaBIZ online support and we will guide you all the way (in just 20 minutes)

What is single sign-on?

The concept behind SSO is simple: give your employees just one password to all your business applications. With SSO enabled to BitaBIZ your employees get the same password to BitaBIZ as to Office365.

BitaBIZ use SAML 2.0. This protocol is considered the enterprise standard for single sign-on. It’s used by all the major business applications such as Office365, Salesforce, etc.

Single sign-on is a key tool in enterprise identity access management. SSO increases employee productivity, reduces security gaps, and saves IT and central administration time.

What is user provisioning?

The concept behind provisioning is simple: automate maintenance of employee masterdata to your business apps.

BitaBIZ use SCIM 2.0. The enterprise level protocol to manage user provisioning.

When connecting BitaBIZ to Microsoft Azure Active Directory you greatly simplify user on-boarding and off-boarding to and from BitaBIZ and maintenance of employees masterdata is automated. Your security and compliance increases because userdata and access management is managed from one portal - Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

What employee masterdata can be provisioned from Microsoft Azure Active Directory to BitaBIZ?

If a user data field has the "blue arrow" icon, the user data can be managed from your Microsoft Azure Active Directory:

Does your company have Office365?

If yes, we recommend that you consider using our Outlook add-in. It is available here!

The add-in offers easy and convinient access to BitaBIZ from inside Outlook.

*The video illustrate how the BitaBIZ Outlook add-in works together with the BitaBIZ Microsoft Exchange integration.

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