Welcome back from summer break.

We begin the new season with new improvements to your BitaBIZ platform.

If any of our updates are relevant to your company just let us know... we are here to help :-)

New statistic page to the manager / approver

Team statistics view of vacation days left, sick days, hour bank and more from one page.

New user management setting to employee masterdata

Should employees be able to add or edit masterdata to their profile or should this only be managed by central administration? The default setting allows the employee to edit masterdata.

Now the master data can be locked for editing by employees.

Hour bank earning of hours

Overtime earn hours and time-off spend hours from the hour bank. Now it is also possible to earn a fixed number of hours per month, quarter or year.

Default setting is no earning!

New Day bank module

Day bank works the same way as the hour bank. But the unit is in days not hours.

A fixed number of days can be earned each month, quarter or year.

For example: extra holidays.


Activities can generate earning. Just like overtime does to the hour bank.

For example: A Sunday shift earns a day off.

Don't need an approver flow for vacation requests?

A new setting removes approver flow from vacation and other vacation requests.

Link Sharepoint and Onedrive documents

Documents saved on your Onedrive and Sharepoint can now be linked to employee profiles in BitaBIZ. Documents are not saved on your BitaBIZ account only linked.

This means that only employees with access permission to a linked document will be able to open and read it.

Vacation days spend without salary

Would you like to use our payroll processed export with period management? But only need a calculation of vacations days without salary during the selected payroll period?

We have added vacation days without salary to our Excel export file.

When you use this Excel rapport. All vacationdays during a selected period are achived as payroll processed. And vacation days without salary during the periode is calculated and added to the rapport.

Stay tuned - more updates underway ultimo september 2019 !

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