Flextime - Getting started

How to setup Flextime and target employees with Flextime?

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Introduction to setup Flextime

Access to Flextime registration: Activate Flextime on the "Policy" the employee is connected to in BitaBIZ. Note that all employees who are linked to a "Policy" where Flextime is activated will automatically have access to Flextime.

Policy with access to Flextime

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Edit/Create a new Policy

  1. Activate Flextime under the panel "Hour Bank/Time Off/Flextime"

  2. Insert the standard working hours per day under the panel "Working week" and select "Hours per day"

flextime setup

Employee access to Time off and Flextime

Click: Setup Admin -> Employees -> Edit/create a new employee

  1. Mark access to Overtime/Time off

  2. Choose the Policy that matches the employee profile with vacation days, other vacations, working hours, and access to Flextime.

employee settings

Registration of Flextime

The employee can now register his working hours, which automatically updates the Hour bank in relation to the normal hours of the day, and apply for Time off via the Hour bank.

time off and flextime
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