Paid Time Off (PTO)

How to make a PTO setup

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Are your company using a Paid Time Off (PTO) plan. And as a result of this your employees should not register vacation and sick leave? But instead use their PTO for vacation and sick days?

PTO setup guide

Click: Setup Admin > Leave & absence > Create new salary agreement

1. Remove vacation as a registration option.

2. Convert "Other vacation" to PTO

  • add the number of PTO days available

  • select if employees should be able to register in hours. If hours are selected days are converted into hours in employee statistics.

  • Most importantly! change the default label to PTO.

  • Please note. When you change the label to PTO. This will change Other vacation to PTO. But in the back office (Payroll Admin role) the name other vacation is still used.

3. Hours per day

If you have selected "Employees can register PTO in hours" (other vacations in the back office).

You will need to add work hours per day. Hence, if an employee takes a full PTO day, how many hours should the PTO balance be credited.

4. Sick leave

Remove sick leave as registration options.

5. How the setup will look for your employees connected to a PTO plan

Employee statistics on the web-portal, mobile app and Outlook app:

How to request PTO


  • PTO

  • Period (from - to)

  • if made available select hours (start time - end time)

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