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Local payroll administration in a global organization
Local payroll administration in a global organization

How to setup local payroll admins

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This article is intended for:

  • companies that implement BitaBIZ in more countries or companies and have local administration.

  • companies that have implemented central user management. Maybe via Azure AD

Local payroll administration in a global organization

Companies that use BitaBIZ in more countries and have central user management. maybe user management is automated via integration to Azure AD.

Central user administration often does not have all the information about local employees that are needed to make a global implementation of an automated leave & absence management solution.

User data not available on Azure AD / central user management - but necessary for local payroll administration can be handled locally. That is what this article describes:

  • It introduces the local payroll admin role. This role can only access local payroll data.

  • It allows for local payroll admin to add local user data to employee profiles.

To setup local payroll administration follow this guide:

1. A new employee is created

Click: Setup Admin > Edit user profile > Tags and Location > Country/region

BitaBIZ uses the "Country / Region" field to allocate an employee to an administrative region or country.

To link an employee to local payroll, this field must be updated. Either manually or automatically from your AD.

The "Country / Region" field is a standard Azure AD field and therefore it can be updated automatically from Azure AD to BitaBIZ. By doing this you avoid manual user administration.

The example in the picture above. Master data is automatically updated from central user administration / Azure AD.

  1. Local leave & absence rules (salary agreement)

  2. Local payroll number

2. Salary agreements (local leave & absence rules)

Your "Salary Agreements" (local vacation rules) must be linked to the Countries / Regions created on your BitaBIZ account.

Click "Setup Admin" > "Leave & Absence" > Open the individual agreements > Click the "Enterprise settings" tab > Choose from the dropdown the country or region to which an agreement is to be linked:

3. Local payroll admin role

From Setup Admin open an employee profile. Click "Rolls" > Select "Local payroll admin" > select from the list the countries / regions the local payroll administrator should have access to.

The countries / regions added to your employees are automatically added to the Local payroll Admin list.

The example below. The local payroll administrator gets access to employees from the countries Denmark and Sweden:

4. The local payroll role

The local payroll admin role has now been created.

On your employee list. A local payroll admin is marked with a yellow payroll icon indicating that this user has local payroll admin rights:

The local payroll admin:

  • can access local users only

  • can edit local user data only

  • can export local user data only

  • can access local employee calendars to manage registrations and follow-up

  • can edit and updated local leave & absence & time off balances only

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