Your Payroll Admin role has been updated.

We have moved the employees in your organization to your Payroll Admin start page:

We have done this to give you a better view of the employees you are handling.

For example, if you export payroll data to a payroll system the export fails if the payroll number on an employee is missing. With the new start page you will right away spot this.

You can see:

  • if a new employee is missing payroll number.
  • if an existing employee has been terminated.

You can edit missing employee data like payroll number directly from you Payroll Admin start page. You don’t need to navigate to the Setup Admin role to perform your payroll export anymore:

In the process of moving your employees to the front. We have moved your payroll admin menue to the left (new side menu). This will allow you to quickly navigate between the pages you need:

You still have access to the old payroll admin menu:

Your new side menu explained...

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