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Add OKTA as your indentity provider to enable SSO

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BitaBIZ support SAML 2.0. OKTA supports SAML 2.0 as the method to activate single sign on to company resources like BitaBIZ.

Guide to set-up SSO to your BitaBIZ account using OKTA custom application.

Login to your OKTA admin page.

Click Applications > Add Application:

Click Create New App:

Select the Web as Platform and choose SAML 2.0 as Sign on the method. Then click Create:

In App name select a name to the new app ie. BitaBIZ and click Next:

Login to BitaBIZ as an admin and go to Setup admin > SAML 2.0.
Copy Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URL from BitaBIZ and insert into Audience URI (SP Entity ID) and Single sign-on URL respectively:

Then Click Next:

Select I'm an Okta Customer adding an internal app and select This is an internal app that we have created.
Then Click Finish:

Under Sign-on Click View setup instructions:

Login to BitaBIZ as an admin and go to Setup admin > SAML 2.0.

Copy Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL into Identity Provider Single Sign-On Service URL in BitaBIZ

Copy Identity Provider Issuer: into Identity Provider Issuer URL in BitaBIZ

Copy X.509 Certificate: into Signing Certificate (Base64 encoded) in BitaBIZ

select SSO enabled and finally click Save SAML SSO configuration:

The Single sign on integration is now setup and enabled and you can now add relevant users to your BitaBIZ SSO application in Okta.

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