We have added pre-configured icons to the 'team calendar'

Click on an icon to get a view. For exampel, to see who is 'working elseware'.

Your team calendar with the new icons...

Examples of how the team calendar can quickly show employee status:

No events added

On duty

  • On duty roster types, etc.

Working elsewhere

  • Work from home, Business trip, Seminar, etc.

Out of Office

  • Sick day, Child sick, vacation, time off, day off, leave types, etc.

Add combinations

To show who is out of office click 'working elsewhere' + 'Out of Office'.
The counter will count the number of employees out of office.

Dont forget all the other free text search options available...

  • department
  • event type
  • location
  • tags
  • name
  • jobtitel

BitaBIZ event status integrated with Office 365

This is how we book Outlook and Skype with your availability status:

You need to select which status your custom event types should have. For exampel,

On duty: "Weekend roster"
Working elsewhere: "Working from home"
Out of Office: "Day off"

Click: Setup Admin > Custom types

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