This guide has 3 steps. When you have completed the 3 steps - BitaBIZ is integrated with your Microsoft Exchange server:

  1. Create the user/ service account
    (if you already have a service account jump to step 2)
  2. Add impersonation rights to the user/ service account
  3. Save the user/ service account to BitaBIZ

1 Create the user/ service account

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin Center:
  2. Select Users > Active users:

3. Click + Add a user:

4. Choose a Display name and a Username + Domain for the service account:

5. Click Password and select Let me create the password then create a password for the service account, Make sure that Make the user change their password when they first sign in is not selected:

6. Click Product Licenses. If the service account should be created without any product license, then select Create user without product license:

7. Click Add:

8. You can choose to send the password in email to any recipents if needed.
finally click Close:

The Service account is now created.

2 Add impersonation role to the service account.

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin Center:
  2. Select Admin Centers > Exchange:

3. In Exchange admin center select permissions:

4. Select admin roles and click the "+" sign to add a new role:

5. In New role Group popup window, select a name for the new role ie. BitaBIZImpersonationRole in the Name section, then click the "+" sign in the Roles section:

6. In the new popup window select ApplicationImpersonation, click Add -> and then OK:

7. Click the "+" sign in the Members section

8. Search and select your newly created service account and click Add:

9. Click Save:

You have now assigned impersonation role to your service account!

3. Add the impersonation user/ service account to BitaBIZ

  1. Exchange version: Select 'Office365'
  2. Integration method: Select 'Impersonation'
  3. Enter the impersonation user created above and password.
  4. Click 'SAVE'

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