Go to Azure portal: https://portal.azure.com

Select Azure Active Directory:

Select App registration > All apps > your BitaBIZ app:

Select your BitaBIZ Azure app name in Managed application in local directory:

Select Provisioning > Mappings >Synchronize Azure Active Directory Users to custumappsso:

In Attribute Mappings select Add New Mapping:

In Edit Attribute select the attribute from the Souce attribute and Target attribute and click OK. Keep other settings as shown below:

Save the mappings:

When saved, users will be reprovisioned and updated in BitaBIZ.

List of synchronized target attributes (Customappsso attribute) from Azure Attribute mapping:

Target attribute: BitaBIZ attribute
userName: Email
name.GivenName: First name
name.FamilyName: Last name
department: Department
phoneNumbers[type eg "mobile"].value: Mobile number
phoneNumbers[type eg "work"].value: Office phone
title: Job title
Manager: Direct approver
addresses[type eg "work"].formatted: Location
addresses[type eg "work"].country: Country/region

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