• We have added the option to add an office phone number to the phonebook.

Tags & location

  • We have added the option to add Office / location to user profiles.
  • A location tag adds an extra searchable dimension to your planning calendar.

People & Phonebook

  • Location and office phone is shared if added to a user profile.
  • Status is shown as "Available" or "Out of Office". Event type name like "Sick day" is not shown. Only the presence/ availability status is shown.

People on the web portal

Phonebook on the mobile app

Default settings

  • Save your default app settings when adding new users.
  • For example, maybe all your users should not use mileage and time registration. But all users must use leave and absence. Why not save leave and absence as your default app setting for new users?

Improved user management

Updated layout of the add user page.

  • Add more useful information like location and office phone.
  • The phonebook now has its own menu bar.
  • Only "must have user data" is highlighted on the page.

New user added to your account?

  • easily spot if settings need your attention.
  • Use the search word "missing" to see if user data needs your attention.
  • easily see which users have not been onboarded yet or have never logged in.

People list under HR role

We have added a new people list under HR:

  • The list shows data added to user profiles
  • The list can be exported to Excel


  • Make a nice looking procedure guide to your employees.
  • Add photos and links to relevant resources like PDFs or web-pages.
  • The guide you create will be published to all employees under "Calendar":

Approver notifications

  • design update

Other great functions we have recently added to your account

For Payroll Admins: easy access to inactive user data via calendar access.
For Managers: group booking to the team calendar
For Employees: overtime with factor earning (1:X)
For Payroll Admins: other vacations exceeding days earned are rejected
For Setup Admins: automated user automation from Office 365/ Azure AD

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