Custom Leave Types

Create your own custom leave types, e.g. maternity leave, paternity leave, leave without pay and more.

Target your custom leave types to specific employee groups and/or countries.

Select whether the employee earns vacation during the leave period.

How to create and add a leave type to a policy.

Click: Setup admin -> Modules -> Policies

Click: "Edit" next to the applicable policy.

Click "Add leave type" under the Leave section


Enter the name of the leave type, e.g. "Maternity leave".

Need approval:

Select whether the leave type should be send for approval to the manager/approver.

Does the employee earn vacation during the leave period?

In the drop-down menu, select whether vacation days are earned during the leave period or not.

Max days per registration:

Here you can specify how long a continuous period the leave type can be registered over. If there should be no limit, type "0" in the field as shown above

Add to payroll export:

If the leave type should be added to the payroll export, select the checkbox and enter the corresponding salary part number in the field ID-number.

Press Save to create the leave type.

The leave type has now been created and can be added to the policy!

Add the custom leave type to the policy

Add the custom leave type to the policy by selecting the checkbox and finally save the policy.

custom leave types

The custom leave type has now been created and added to the policy!

Note: The new created leave type can now also be added to your other policies.

Leave without earning of vacation.

When an employee requests leave without earning of vacation, the employee's monthly earnings of vacation days are adjusted automatically.

The following number of vacation days will be deducted from the monthly earning of vacation:

(Number of vacation days per year / 365 days) * leave days requested during the month.

Note: Leave days registered on weekends and public holidays are counted as leave taken.

Vacation days per year

Vacation deducted per leave day







When requesting a full month's leave, 0 vacation days are earned


An employee has 25 vacation days per year

Employee earns 2.08 days per month, which is added and accumulated at the end of the month.

The employee takes 14 days of leave without earning of vacation in February.

0.07 vacation days per leave day are deducted from the monthly earning of vacation:

14 * 0.07 = 0.98 vacation days

The employee, therefore, earns only 2.08 - 0.98 = 1.10 vacation days in the month of February, which are accumulated and are available in the month of March.

custom leave types

Registration of Leave

Employees connected to the policy now have the option to register the new created leave type.

If there is no earning of vacation during the leave period, the employee will be informed of this when registering the leave event:

Comments on Custom Leave Types

  • Leave without earning of vacation is only calculated and applicable for employees who have monthly earning of vacation days.

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