When setting up provisioning an important part will be to make sure that the user e-mail is the unique identifier in your BitaBIZ Azure app.

BitaBIZ uses e-mail as unique user identifier.

HINT: Most often this will be the userPrincipleName in your Azure AD. But you will need to check this!

How to set-up the matching parameter in the attribute mapping for provisioning:

Go to your BitaBIZ custom app and click "Provisioning"

Select: "Synchronize Azure Active Directory Users to customappsso":


  1. From the "Source attribute" select the attribute that contains user e-mail in your AD. Often this will be: "userPrincipalName"
  2. Set "Match objects using this attribute" to: YES
  3. Click OK and SAVE

In the picture below the number "1" identify mailNickname as the default matching parameter. You will need to change the default matching to userPrincipalName if this parameter contains the user e-mail address:

To change click: mailNickname

"Match objects using this attribute": select "NO"

Now you will need to select the new matching parameter attribute and set its matching precedence to "1".

Click on the attribute. For example userPrincipalName if that is the attribute in your AD that contains user e-mail address:

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