BitaBIZ Zapier app allows you to create a customized notification flow. 

For example:

  • forward an email, push message or SMS to selected employees when colleagues reports sick leave.
  • update a Slack channel with "Out of Office" status.
  • update an Excel sheet with a new entry every time vacation is approved.
  • update your project management tool like Trello or Assana with vacation events.

Step by step guide. 

Case: Forward an e-mail to a selected employee each time an employee report sick leave.

Step 2: log into your Zapier account or create a free Zapier account. 

Click "Create this Zap":

Step 3:
Add your BitaBIZ calendar link. Log into BitaBIZ and get it here: "My settings & Apps > Apps and calendar integration" 

Step 4: Select the event type that should trigger an action
(This case: forward an e-mail when someone report sick leave)

Step 5: Test your "app trigger"

Step 6: Action -> select an email app to forward sick leave notifications.

Step 7: Configure the action app is illustrated below:

You are done ! Make as many apps as needed :) 

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