When the vacation spending year changes, remaing vacation is forwarded for transfer.

Go to: Payroll admin > adjust absence balance

This page will show a list of employees which have remaining vacation days not spend during the previous vacation year (the vacation year now closed). 

According to your official company policy you may:

  • transfer the remaining vacation days
  • delete the remaining vacation days
  • edit the number of days transfered

If you transfer for example 5 days. The 5 days are added to the vacation balance in the new vacation year. Hence, 5 days + new days earned. 


  1. On each employee with remaning vacation days click "Adjust"
  2. transfer accourding to your policy


Vacation left transfer dates most often used:

1th of January: Norway, USA, England, Poland.
1th of April: Finland, Sweden
1th of May: Denmark

Other dates for transfer may apply to your company. Check settings on the salary agreement page.

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