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SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO)
User off-boarding settings (Onelogin)
User off-boarding settings (Onelogin)

What should happen in BitaBIZ when a user is terminated in your Active Directory?

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When setting-up your AD and SSO integration via Onelogin. Hence, automating your user on-boarding and off-boarding process to BitaBIZ.

You need to consider how your payroll department off-board employees from the payroll. 

When configuring your Onelogin integration consider these settings with regard to your payroll off-boarding process:

When a user is made inactive, the user is removed from calendars, phonebook, etc. Registrations are only available via payroll export files. 

Payroll user on-boarding and off-boarding 

From the page "Activity log for employee on-boarding & off-boarding" Payroll will be able to follow changes made to user status in Active Directory:

Please note: It is the Active Directory that is in control of your users...

When adding Active Directory (AD) integration to your BitaBIZ account - user access is always managed from your central AD. Hence, if you make a user inactive in BitaBIZ and the user is still active in your central AD. The user will be activated again in BitaBIZ.

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