1. Visit https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com  

2. Select Service Account Access (Developers) and click Next

3. Fill out all fields as shown on the screenshot below:   

  • Target mailbox is your own email. 
  • Service account user name is the Impersonation/Delagation user that you created
  • Enter password for this impersonation/Delagation user. 
  • Check Specify Exchange Web Services Url and enter web service URL e.g. https://mail.yourcompany.com/ews/exchange.asmx
  • Folder to be tested is Calendar
  • If you created an Impersonation user, check the Use Exchange Impersonation checkbox and add Target mailbox email as the Impersonated user
  • Select SMTP as the user identifier
  • Enter validation code and Perform test

4. If the test is successful, you are ready to enter Impersonation or delegation credentials and activate the Exchange integrationen in BitaBIZ under Setup admin > Integration:

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