1. Visit https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com  

2. Select Service Account Access (Developers) and click Next

3. Fill out all fields as shown on the screenshot below:   

  • Target mailbox is your own email. 
  • Service account user name is the Impersonation/Delagation user that you created
  • Enter password for this impersonation/Delagation user. 
  • Check Specify Exchange Web Services Url and enter web service URL e.g. https://mail.yourcompany.com/ews/exchange.asmx
  • Folder to be tested is Calendar
  • If you created an Impersonation user, check the Use Exchange Impersonation checkbox and add Target mailbox email as the Impersonated user
  • Select SMTP as the user identifier
  • Enter validation code and Perform test

4. If the test is successful, you are ready to enter Impersonation or delegation credentials in BitaBIZ under Admin setup > Integration & services

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