BitaBIZ Rest API ApiKey

BitaBIZ Rest API can be used for retrieving employees, registrations and other information. To use and test our API you will need to activate and use an ApiKey, that you can find in BitaBIZ under Setup Admin > Company > Subscription plan

How to test the API

Our API can be tested in a desktop tool like Postman or at SwaggerHub

In Postman you will need to add the ApiKey as x-apikey in the Headers section of your request

In SwaggerHub click ‘Authorize’ > Enter your ApiKey and ‘Authorize‘

GET /v1/employees

Get all employees and their information in your company

Header parameter: x-apikey
Optional parameter: ?inactive=true (Includes inactive employees in the company)

Contains following keys and information:

GET /v1/employees/nationalholidays

This request is for getting bank holidays for all employees in a company in a given period:

Header parameter: x-apikey
Optional paramater: from=yyyy-MM-dd, to=yyyy-MM-dd

Contains following keys and information:

GET /v1/employees/history

Gets the last 2 years of vacation and other vacation history, plus information on employee’s hour bank.

Header parameter: x-apikey
Optional parameter: years=XXXX,XXXX,XXXX  
Comma separated list of years: ?years=2018,2019,2020 

Contains following keys and information:

GET /v2/registrations

Getting registrations for the whole company in a period specified.

Optional parameters:  
from=yyyy-MM-dd, to=yyyy-MM-dd or lastXXmonths  
reason = comma separated reason codes, please see our table of possible reason codes
status = comma separated status codes, please see our table of possible status codes

Contains following keys and information:

GET /v2/registrations/{EMPLOYEEGUID}

Getting registrations for a single employee. Same keys and parameters can be applied as in the registrations request above.

Attributes in API queries

Attributes are URL parameters. Standard attributes are for example from and to. Parameters can be combined where the first parameter is preceded with the character “?” and other additional parameters are preceded with the character “&”.


FROM and TO parameter

From and to attributes need to have a value in this format yyyy-MM-dd:

It is also possible to use literal like:

loads results between today and same date 2 years ago.

STATUS Parameter

In BitaBIZ, registration can have 4 different status types:
APP = approved
PEN = pending
REJ = rejected
DEL = deleted

By default only registrations with status=app (approved) are shown. If you need to add other registration status, separate values with comma. Status=app,pen,rej


Returns all pending registrations in a period.

REASON Parameter

BitaBIZ has over 10 different registration types. It is possible to filter out only certain registration types or combine two or more types. These parameters are not case sensitive, so both variations like ‘hh’ and ‘HH’ will work. Without the reason parameter being present, all registration types are returned.

Combination example,HF,HH,IC,IS,VT,VO,DT,DO

All REASON examples

Sick registrations (Reason=IS)

Child sick (Reason=IC)

Vacation (Reason=HH)

Other vacation (Reason=HF)

Leave (Reason=L)

Own types (Reason=P)

Overtime (Reason=VO)

Time off (Reason=VT)

Time (Reason=TT)

Mileage (Reason=MI)

Daybank – plusdays (Reason=DO)

Daybank - minus days (Reason=DT)

FLEX (Reason=FT)

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