Does your company have a Flex-time plan. And as a result of this all or some of your employees should check in and check out each day when at work? 

Flex-time setup guide

Click: Setup Admin > Leave & absence > Create new salary agreement or edit an existing salary agreement:

Working week:

  • Add working hours per day

Hour bank:

  • Mark "Activate Flextime to this salary agreement..."

That is it - you are ready to go! 

Next: connect the salary agreement to the employees with a flextime plan and they will get access to flextime.

How does it work?


  • Employees check in and check out each day when at work. From mobile, Outlook or web.

  • Team calendar show who is in (has checked in)

  • The Hour bank is updated each day with minus or plus hours. Accouding to if the hours registered is above or below the work hours added to the salary agreement for that day.

  • Hours accumulated in the Hour bank. The employee spend the hours by requesting time off. 

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