BitaBIZ have 4 PowerBI routes (URLs), each route produces a CSV output that can be joined in PowerBI or open separately in Excel:

  • Employees
  • EmployeeHistory
  • Registrations/ALL EMPLOYEES
  • Registrations/SINGLE EMPLOYEE


Get employees and their BitaBIZ employee data, including name, phone number, date of employment, salary agreement, department and many other fields.{APIKEY}/employees

Gets employees and their data + salary agreement data. 

Inactive (default false)
if inactive=TRUE inactive employees are also shown

Employees / History

Gets the last two vacation years for each employee in your company. Returns fields for Vacation, manual vacation adjutment plus other vacation and adjustments.{APIKEY}/employees/history


Gets all registrations in a period and splits them into a single day events.

from=YYYY-mm-DD  or  literal from=lastXXmonths (last12months)

Registrations for a single employee{APIKEY}/registrations/{EMPLOYEEGUID}

Same parameters and output as /Registrations

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