BitaBIZ can easily be set-up to manage vacation rules in one or more countries.

Click: Setup Admin > Leave & absence > Add new salary agreement

  1. The salary agreement need a name. We suggest adding a name which decribe the employee group it will cover. For example, US fixed paid staf/ 20 days
  2. Select your country or vacation earning year
  3. Add the number of paid vacation days
  4. Add your official paid holidays. A) Select the relevant country and B) mark the holidays that apply.
  5. Cread relevant leave types. For example "Unpaid leave". Add the leave types to the salary agreement.

That is it - you are ready to go! 

Create as many salary agreements as needed to cover your employee groups.  

Next: connect your rule sets (salary agreements) to your employees.


Click: Setup Admin > Add users

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