Does your company have an overtime plan for all employees or selected employee groups?

And as a result of this employees should have access to register their overtime hours? 

Should your employees be able to select if:

  • overtime hours should be accumulated to their Hour bank to be spend for time off?
  • overtime hours should be payed?

Overtime setup guide

Registration of overtime without factor earning or option for payment (1 overtime hour = 1 hour earned for time off).

Overtime without factor earning works "out of the box". Just activate the module for the employee who should have access to the module:

Overtime with factor earning or payment?

For example 1 overtime hour = 2 hours for time off (1:X)

Click: Setup Admin > Timeoff


  1. add a job code. The job code should decribe when the employee should use the jobcode. For example "Weekend & Bank holidays (1:2hours) 
  2. select which employee groups should have access to use the job code.  
  3. select the factor earning the job code should calculate. For example 1 hour registered will earn 2 hours or overtime hours are for payment.

Once your job codes have been created, employees have access to register overtime with the job codes on their mobile app, Outlook app and web portal.

Employees earn hours according to the factor earning rules added to a job code:

Earned overtime is added to the employee Time off statistics.

Global settings 

  1. Add your own name to the registration menu. 
  2. Select approverflow for overtime and time off, and add your own names for overtime and time off. For example, change "time off" to "time in lieu" "
  3. Should time off be registered with a start and end time or should the employee just add overtime hours? For example "1" time instead of 16:00 - 17:00?
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