1. Log into: portal.azure.com 
  2. Choose Azure Active Directory and select App registrations

3. Search and select select your newly created Custom App

4. In Settings click on the app name under Managed applications in local directory

5. Click Provisioning and select "Automatic" in Provisioning Mode

6. Login into your BitaBIZ account and go to Setup admin > Integrations > Microsoft Azure AD Provisioning:
Note: Single sign-on needs to be configured and enabled before provisioning can be enabled.
   a. Select enabled in Automatic user provisioning
   b. Copy SCIM Provisioning endpoint URL.
Click Generate new and copy the Bearer token.
   d. click Save provisioning

7. Go back to the Provisioning page in Azure AD:
   Insert SCIM Provisioning endpoint URL in Tenant URL
Insert Bearer token in Secret Token

8. Test the connection and Save the configuration

9. In Mappings section 

Synchronize Azure Active Directory Groups…should be set to: No

Synchronize Azure Active Directory Users… should be set to: Yes

10. Set the matching parameter to be the users e-mail address in the mapping for provisioning.

How to set this up? Click her!

11. In Settings section set Provisioning Status to ON and Save the configuration

Note: You can test provisioning on demand, when checking Clear current state and restart synchronization checkbox and then saving the configuration-

Congratulations! Provisioning is now enabled.

Remember always to make a test set-up before you provisioning all your users!


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