1. Log into: portal.azure.com 
  2. Choose Azure Active Directory and select App registrations

3. Search and select select your newly created Custom App 

4. In Settings click on the app name under Managed applications in local directory

5. Click Single sign-on and select "SAML-based Sign-on" in Single Sign-on Mode 

6. Login into your BitaBIZ account and go to Setup admin > Microsoft integrations > Microsoft Azure AD SSO :
Copy Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URL from BitaBIZ to IDENTIFIER and REPLY URL fields In the Domain and URLs section respectively and click Save.

7. In SAML Signing Certificate section select Make new certificate active and click Save

8. Click the Configure "NameOfYourApp" link In the the bottom page

9. In section 3 on Configure sign-on page copy SAML Single Sign-on Service URL and SAML Entity ID and Download the SAML Signing Certificate - Base64 encoded.

10. Go to Microsoft Azure AD SSO configuration page on your BitaBIZ account an insert the copied URI's and the base64 encoded certificate.
Note: the certificate includes the BEGIN and END Section

11. Select the SSO enabled checkbox and click Save Azure AD configuration

Congratulations! Single sign-on is now enabled.

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